Starting Point

I am writing those word as a man that has nothing to loose anymore,

I am writing those words as a man that has had enough from this world,

I am writing as someone that never fears, never hesitates and never surrenders

My story begins years ago when I was absolutely "normal" about 6-7 years ago.

I just got married, had a normal job making barely enough to sustain ourselves,

My wife was a dream and everything looked just as it should according to movies.

It wasn't enough for me... I wanted success, I wanted recognition, I wanted freedom...

But I wanted to gain that in a fair way. And then things happened, many things.

I have come a great way since... but it cost me everything i had...

I have lost(probably) my wife, and together with her my daughter...

I have lost all my money, I have recently been sent by my family to a mental institution.

But loosing is not everything I did, I gained... I gained a lot!

I have found God and decided to stay by his side no matter what happens

I knew that he would test me and I was, Am and always will be willing to sacrifice from myself for him.

My family and wife didn't understand that, like everyone else they worship money and celebs. they are willing to waste thousands to go to a concert abroad but not willing to spend half as much to try and open a family business. That was and still is a mystery for me...

But as i said before I gained...

I have become mentally unbreakable and physically strong

I have become smarter and self disciplined.

In my blog I will write about my journey, I will write about tricks and technicks that help in many aspects of life both mental and physical. I will also write about what led to my situation and what happened at the end of it.